Sunday, December 27, 2009

Drawing Dreams and Alex Andreyev

Hi again! Today I received an e-mail from Drawing Dreams inviting me to participate supporting the project. Drawing Dreams is a Berkeley, California-based non profit organization that helps provide art supples to children´s hospitals, and other organiztions where need arises.

Of course my answer was yes, I will paricipate. While checking their website I found these cool works by Alex Andreyev an artist from Sant Petesrburg that participates with his work for this charity.
I selected many of his works and I suggest you log on his site to see more of his works:
I hope you guys are having a great Xmas, I am!
Bye now!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Selecting drawings for Iker t-shirts

Here´s the firts 3 options for possible drawings for t-shirts:

Click "very interesting" for the dancers, "interesting" for the drumer and "not intersting" for the trumpet player.

Although I´d love to make lots of everything I will produce in terms of what I think it will sell. So have your say!

Your feed back about Iker´s t´shirts!

Noventa Grados

It seems a long time ago, and it actually is a while ago..., that I decided to print some of my oneline drawings on t-shirts. I am talking about 2002, in London. It was a nice experience to wear my drawings and see people wearing them. I used to have my store at the Old Spitalfields Market on Thursdays and the big day: Sunday.

I have not printed any t-shirts for a while now although a lot of people ask me about them every now and then. Therefore I am considering to do so and I´d like to let you know about this initiative. Noventa Grados in San Sebastian is the last place where they were available while exhibiting Inside Out.

Your feed back will help me take a decision:

If you like the idea of having one of theses t´shirts click "very interesting". Basically, if there´s a lot of you willing to get one I will get it done! Then I will try to make it easy for you to get it by post or I will choose one or two shops where you can find them.
Have a nice day!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Collin Van Der Slujis

Yesterday I visited Pure Evil Street Art Gallery and I discovered Collin Van Der Slujis, an artist from The Netherlands who is showing about six works this time. I´ve just checked his website and here´s a litte selection of works I liked. Twisted and dark, animals and people brought to the canvas with some registers that reminded me of Basquiat and some of Brazilian Os Gemeos. I recommend you to go along and see it by yourself, as paintings always look different in reality.

Pure Evil Street Art Gallery is on 108 Leonard Street London EC2A 4XS.

Monday, December 7, 2009

TateShots Issue 15 - Paula Rego

"Tate Shots was invited to observe Paula Rego and the team at The Curwen Studio in Cambridgeshire as they set about turning one of her drawings into an editioned print. Our film captures Rego at work and she tells us why drawing and printmaking is so important to her practice." (Tate)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fantasia- Night on Bald Mountain

Fantasia, a classic in animation by Walt Disney. I am amazed to find out that it was first produced in 1940!!!
I was very little when I went to the cinema to watch this film although I have a clear image of that day. For a kid this film (and also for adults, although some might have lost this ability...) it is simply food for the imagination. "Fantastic" music directed by Leopold Stokowski for a "fantastic" animation where there´s no dialogues and actually no need for them.

This fragment of Fantasia, Night on Bald Mountain, probably takes me to the first time I experienced fear other than in my nightmares...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Iker Garcia Barrenetxea at Eyre Brothers Restaurant

This are some pictures of my exhibition at Eyre Brothers Restaurant, wich I hanged last wednesday. Three oil paintings that portray London and also Barcelona. The paintings are for sale and will be replaced for new paintings when sold.

I´d like to thank Gastón Tegeiro for this pictures.
The Eyre Brothers has got a new website that was uploaded last week:
Web Design by Gastón Tegeiro (E:



7 November-6 December 2009
Outset Project Gallery (Gallery 5) & 176 / Zabludowicz Collection Project Gallery (Gallery 6)

"South London art collective Intoart was founded in 2001 by Guy Allott, Sam Jones and Ella Ritchie. Here the group present their distinctive approach to studio practice, that includes people who have a learning disability. The exhibition includes new work by Ntiense Eno Amooquaye, Selina Helene, Mawuena Kattah, Doreen McPherson, Philomena Powell and Clifton Wright with four short films which document the lives and working processes of the artists.

Alongside this exhibition, Whitechapel Gallery has commissioned theorist and art historian Malcolm Bull to reflect on the group’s work. Bull has used language articulated in the Intoart studio for a new text considering their collective working method. His commentary does not attempt to provide a definitive description of Intoart’s approach, rather, it offers scope for further reflection.

See the Revolutionary Art Exhibit is part of the Gallery’s Education Programme, that engages with artists to investigate and present new modes of education and community practice."