Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Robert Seidel @ The Vyner Sessions

The Vyner Studio enjoyed a great screening by German artist Robert Seidel on two different dates:

For the  opening on 3rd Saturday  Seidel  attended the event.
A quieter date than the usual busy First Thursday (second and last screening) allowed me to have a chance to talk to the artist about his work, his references and the intense  process of work that results on what we us, the spectators contemplate in calm, almost effortlessly.

Robert likes to call his work moving paintings rather than video. Looking at the selection of works by Seidel  we screened at The Vyner Studio, I did actually wonder what type of work would have certain past painters develop with the technology that surrounds us nowadays...

Here´s  a selection of pictures by Fran Hales  that capture The Vyner Session by
Robert Seidel.

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Next artist for The Vyner Sessions: Davide Quayola
Dates: 3rd Saturday November 19th 12-6 pm.  + Firts Thursday December 1st 6- 930 pm.


The Vyner Sessions are curated by César Pesquera for The Vyner Studio.