Thursday, December 10, 2009

Your feed back about Iker´s t´shirts!

Noventa Grados

It seems a long time ago, and it actually is a while ago..., that I decided to print some of my oneline drawings on t-shirts. I am talking about 2002, in London. It was a nice experience to wear my drawings and see people wearing them. I used to have my store at the Old Spitalfields Market on Thursdays and the big day: Sunday.

I have not printed any t-shirts for a while now although a lot of people ask me about them every now and then. Therefore I am considering to do so and I´d like to let you know about this initiative. Noventa Grados in San Sebastian is the last place where they were available while exhibiting Inside Out.

Your feed back will help me take a decision:

If you like the idea of having one of theses t´shirts click "very interesting". Basically, if there´s a lot of you willing to get one I will get it done! Then I will try to make it easy for you to get it by post or I will choose one or two shops where you can find them.
Have a nice day!

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