Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rebekka Gudleifs

Yesterday I got an e-mail from Daniel Pianesi, who sent me a link to Rebekka Gudleifs work. Here´s a few pictures I chose from the blog and the website of this great self taught photographer from Iceland.
I am very glad that I am getting more and more feedback from you guys making this blog interactive and exciting. Today I want to thank Daniel for his collaboration but also all of you for your interaction and for following the blog wich is about to reach 2000 visits since I started it.

At the moment I am working on the next step for THINGSWORTHSEEING: a real dynamic space where workshops, exhibitions, video screenings and many more things will happen. The location will be in London´s East End. I will keep you informed.

Notice that at the bottom of the page you can add comments. Your opinion for THINGSWORTHSEEING SPACE will be appreciated. Ideas welcome!

Bye now!

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isabelle said...

I love it....Thank you because of youk, people can actually see what going on in Art, past and present....and I really enjoy it and also you've got really ggod eyes to pick your subjet