Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gilbert Garcin

I saw this photography of Gilbert Garcin on Buamai, a select collective posting unique imagery from various sources with a focus on Graphic Design, Architecture, Fashion and Art.

Buamai is curated by César Pesquera, a director, graphic designer and audiovisual artist that is always involved in many interesting things. A while ago I posted "Passier 8", a great short film directed by Pesquera. I have only checked a little bit of of Buamai´s archive, and I got absorved by this fantastic photographs. by Garcin. Thanks to Vanessa Bejarano, who sent me the link of Buamai.

Soon I hope to post the new short film of Pesquera: "Círculo Uno". In the meantime, I am sure that I will reffer to Buamai many more times with great art works.

Tomorrow I will provably make it to Frieze Art Fair In London. You guys enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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