Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Passer/8 by Cesar Pesquera

Passer/8 from Cesar Pesquera on Vimeo.

Passer/8 is an experimental project about two real people, a girl that works in a tollbooth and a guy that owns a carrousel. These people develope their activity at what the anthropologist Marc Augé calls Non-Places. These are "places without history that affect our representations of space, our relation with reality and the others", he says. "The identity is built on the individual level through the experiences and the relations with the other."

Therefore Passer/8 deals with the relation between the space and the identity, being also the ideas of constant movement and stillness an important factor in the definition of that relation.

I can´t get tyred of watching this short film. I met Cesar Pesquera in Barcelona in 2005. He´s now working on Círculo Uno, his next new short film, that I believe it will be ready for next summer. I have seen the footage and I can´t wait to see it.
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