Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Kika" by Gaia Cambiaggi

This specific portrait by Gaia Cambiaggi remained me "Writing with light", an exhibition I visited in San Sebastian at Kursaal Congress Centre, an amazing architectural work by Rafael Moneo.

This exhibition was a retrospective of cinematographer Vittorio Storaro and his work was divided in three books that reflected a project of a lifetime. This book is a vocabulary of vision. It is based on wich philosophers, scientists and painters around the world have always researched: the mistery of vision.

"Images are the language of cinema. They are formed by the embrace and the conflict of LIGHT and SHADOW, orchestrated on the screen by one of the co-authors of the film: the author of cinematography.

It doesn´t matter in wich part of the world the screen is. Through this screen we are able to express ourselfs, our culture, our sentiments and our emotions.Through this screen we are able to learn and to teach each other.

Through this screen we are able to grow up together."(Vittorio Storaro)

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