Sunday, November 14, 2010

About food and paintings and friends


Although I don´t often post things related to hospitality, today I would like to introduce you to two places that are worth visiting.

First, Buenavista in San Sebastian, Basque Country.

A second house in my childhood. A family run restaurant with amazing views overlooking the sea at the top of Igueldo Mountain. This views were one of my first inspirations to paint, wich I depicted on a serie of three oil paintings.

Eneko Irizar, my good friend and school mate that I grew up with, leads the kitchen with the best views I have ever seen and that delivers amazing food and desserts.
Arantxa Irizar, an aunty to me, was actually the first person that bought my art. I now smile looking back and remembering those paintings that helped me on my trip moving to London, ten years ago.

The second place is El Baruco de Anero in the outskirts of Santander. Alfonso Ruigómez, has built a restaurant that is already having good reviews and he has done it all from scratch. Well done Alfonso!
Three of my works hang on the walls of El Baruco.

Have a nice week!

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