Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Studio in London


I have a call for artists and individuals or collectives for a new studio/project:

This is a call for artist led courses/workshops, language teachers and anyone that might be interested in using a big studio space (most of the space of a 650 sq. ft. available). The space is on a second floor and has very good light (facing South). It´s also in a very good location for transport, near Vyner Street, London East End.

I provide chairs and desks for up to 20 people, 32" flat screen TV that can be connected to your computer for your lessons. Internet provided as well.
Central heating and receptionist at the entrance. The building is shared by architects and creative people.

Please, send me your proposal for a short course-activity or long term for availability and I will let you know about prices (very reasonable).
At the begining of April the space will run Yoga lessons and Spanish lessons as well. If you are also interested on booking a course you can e-mail me to and I will pass you information about the teacher and prices as well.

Have a nice week!

Iker Garcia Barrenetxea

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