Monday, November 9, 2009

Simon Schama's Power of Art - Rothko, part 1 of 7

Here´s a special documentary about the american abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko. A BBC program.
You can easily see the rest of the parts on youtube.

At the moment I am very busy working on a project to create an interesting space in London in collaboration with reputed artists and that will beneffit the community. I have been working on this for the last couple of months and it´s taking a lot of my time, so I´d like to apologize for those that check the blog every day and didn´t find as many posts as usual.
I´d also like to say that I was recently invited to talk about art for a couple of minutes once a month on a radio station in London; the first one will be next week. I will keep you informed.

Also, I´ve got three oil paints at the frame shop that will be hanged at The Eyre Brothers Restaurant in London very soon. I will also let you know about that.
All the best from the freezing London guys!

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