Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lucian Freud

"Factory in London" 1972, by Lucian Freud. I guess this is an unsual work from a great painter mostly known for his powerful portraits often of naked bodies; but his style of painting is very recognisable. He paints in a way that it feels like he sculpts with thick colour. His paintings are very rich in materia and the viewer can almost breath the time Freud spent observing his model.

As you guys might know I have painted quite a bit of London, specially the East End. I´ve got some sort of attraction to London´s streets and its buidings. There´s something very intriguing about "the old" when it comes to architecture. Someone said the face of a person reflects their soul. The time Freud spent observing and painting definetly reflects something.
Have a nice week!

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