Tuesday, September 1, 2009


"JR´s work is about much more than size. He uses surprise and humour and courage to break down boundaries between people. He takes his art on to the street and into war zones and places where art seems to have no place. He creates odd juxtapositions that forces people to ask questions and to smile.
He started by creating large stencils and then industrial-size photocopies of his pictures and pasting them up in the streets of Paris. He then took photographs of street scenes wich included his own fly-posted photographs or "photograffs". He posted these photographs in the streets as well."
"In the past two years JR has exporetd the idea of "grimaces for peace" across the globe. He took close-ups in Israel and Palestine of grimacing people who did the same jobs: taxi-drivers, hairdressers, chefs, security guards. He blew them up and stuck them side by side, on buildings on either side om the Israel-Palestinian divide and on the wall that separates Israel from the West Bank.
Wich were the grimacing Paelestinians? Wich were the grimacing Israelies? Most people could not tell. JR took pictures of Israelies and Palestinians staring at his pictures. He posted those up as well."
"I own the biggest art gallery in the world, JR says. I exhibit freely in the streets of the world, catching the attention of people that are not museum visitors. My work mixes art and act. It talks about commitments, beauty, freedom, identity and limit.
JR takes art into places ruled by suspicion, poverty, violence and oppression but insists he is making an artistic statement, not a political one. I am an not an artist with a cause, but an artist who causes people to think - he says." (The Independent)
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