Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Sueños Dorados" by Yapci Ramos

"Sueños Dorados" by Yapci Ramos. I met this artist at Taller Caminal, Barcelona. This studio was demolished due to urban planning and a lot of artists struggled to find their way.
Yapci is a photographer and also works in partnership with Samuel Cabrera bringing a project called noquiet.

“I always empathize with photographers due to some type of intrinsic connection or attraction. In the moment of taking a photograph, photographers engender a dynamic relation between various elements: those of an unconscious nature, that which reveals the intimate landscape of each person. Their habits, their familiar objects and their particular manner of laying them out are documented. I am engaged in what happens when I am with them as a photographer and the things that unexpectedly happen.I take a lot of photographs, all happen so suddenly that I cannot see all the elements that fuse together to make the whole until later. I discover my own images."(Yapci Ramos)

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