Monday, June 29, 2009

Antonio Lopez Interview Part 1

"The basic is in all human beings. Through art you can understand something created 4 thousand years ago by people you don´t know their names of, of a religion unknown to you and a language you don´t speak or understand. You get the idea of what these people of that time wanted and what that expresses. Well, that´s art, and that´s the greatness of art, that language of the feelings."

"The streets used to be a marvellous place to be in and they have turned into a very unpleasant space."

"Velázquez painted in Madrid, but he didn´t paint Madrid, instead he painted the people of Madrid. he didn´t consider important to paint the city as a theme.
Thanks to Velázquez´s paintings we can look back in history and see what people were like and what they looked like."
"Spain can´t be painted."

"When an idea persist on your mind for years, there´s no doubt that you must doi it, you are commited to do it."

"We must try to exercize our personal aspects. I think a lot of people remain stucked about their values and their contemporaries. This is terrible. This type of people that are communists, faszist, or anything just because their father was one.
It seems that reality doesn´t cause any effect on them. We mustn´t forget, but we must have our own view of things, and see what impression we get out of it." (Antonio López translated)

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