Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yan Pei-Ming

"Although such a genre of portraiture is not frecuently encountered in traditional Chinese painting, Ming appears in his portraits to approach the Chinese painter Huang Bin Hong who said genuine paintings are those wich are both completely alike and absolutely unlike.
At close distance, due to Ming´s brush strokes and their large format, his portraits have an almost abstract treatment, wich, as the viewer gradually moves away from, is transformed into astonishing, almost photographic precision." (The Way of the Dragon)

Yan Pei- Ming was born in 1960 and leaves China in 1980, not for political reasons but to study Fine Arts. Today he teaches at Ecole de Beaux Arts of Dijon.

Yan Pei-Ming is one of my big references . Rhythm is something very important when I paint and on his bi-chromatic paintings it almost feels like I can learn the alphabet of rhythms.

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